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Martin Knut

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Martin Knut

The artists practice stems conceptually and formally from post modernism, which sought to return art, through narration and a reassertion of the classical qualities of the art medium (in his case painting), to the realm of the personal.
Martin Knut paintings can be characterized as being in opposition to grand all encompassing ideas/ideals. They are designed personal expressions using the language of signs and symbols, which have been creatively striped often seen in conjunction with an anonymous figure interacting with a space. A game involving fullness, emptiness, line and surface appear in the artists punctured paintings. This form of expression becomes, for Knot, a valuable and vital part of his visual language. Painting seems to be a means of communicating simple motifs, narratives and links. The works titles are often of themselves small literary compositions, encoded with micro narrations, suggesting a possible reading of the painting.

Knots work is not characterized by a variable artistic search full of new beginning's. The artist, for a time, even abandoned drawing in pursuit of a different artistic career. His return to painting after some years, demonstrated his lasting involvement with his artist/painterly practice . Martin Knots work, post 2010, feels as thought he is proceeding along an already laid out path.
Knots practice does not display signs of intellectual exhibitionism or the theatrically spectacular, associated with contemporary art. His chosen journey is more meditative (almost Zen), striding down the middle path, not seeking to be compared to, or in competition with, the surrounding world.

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